Yes, we use LoĒ³ (low E cubed) tempered glass manufactured by Cardinal® IG.  It is a superior insulated glass because it reduces the loss of radiant heat in the winter (the heat from your furnace) and reduces heat and damaging ultraviolet rays entering into your Oasis® sunroom during the summer. LoĒ³ is actually three layers of silver in a multilayered film which includes other chemicals such as titanium dioxide and nickel. LoĒ³ is used in insulated glass which is filled with argon gas for more energy efficiency.

In warm seasons, LoĒ³ keeps much of the heat out of the patio enclosure and reduces dramatically the fading damage from ultraviolet rays (up to 95%). In cool or cold seasons, LoĒ³ keeps the heat in and the cold outside where it belongs. LoĒ³ uses an XL spacer system. Warm edge characteristics of XL Edge reduce the frequency and amount of condensation during the most extreme temperature conditions.